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See Right Dyslexia Glasses Help Visual Dyslexia

 This site provides information about visual dyslexia,   what it is , what to do about it , and how to tell if visual dyslexia is co-existing with dyslexia.

See Right Dyslexia Glasses are designed as universal visual dyslexia filters and installed in standard eye glass frames. This approach eliminates the need for a personal evaluation.

Eliminating the need for a personal evaluation makes the online purchase of See Right Dyslexia Glasses possible at a reduced cost compared to other methods.

Visual dyslexia causes reading problems by making it impossible to see text in a sharp, focused, uniform and stable manner. This results in slow , inaccurate reading with poor comprehension . There are an assortment of visual dyslexia problems that are specific to the individual.

Most adult visual dyslexics can describe their visual problems that make reading difficult .

If you can describe the visual problem/s that make reading difficult ,  See Right Dyslexia Glasses will remove the described visual problem/s.

Visual Dyslexia is often not as obvious with children. 

Children often assume whatever they see is normal . If asked about how they see text , their answers will often reveal specific visual problems that have been making reading difficult.

Visual dyslexia and dyslexia may co-exist.

Adults with co-existing visual dyslexia and dyslexia with language and auditory processing problems will often be aware of having both types of problems.

That uncertainty is one reason why the See Right Dyslexia Glasses have a money back guarantee.   

Increased reading fluency at a larger text size is often an indication of visual dyslexia.

 Many visual dyslexics show increasing fluency with increasing text size . The visual problems might not go totally away with larger text but the negative effects on reading are often less.

For visual problems where parts of the text are missing , at increased text size the percentage of obscured text will be reduced so more of the letters and words are visible to be read .

Vibrating text at some larger size will eventually have a solid core to the letters with only the edges moving allowing them to be identified  easier than when everything is in motion.

Visual dyslexics that increase speed, accuracy and fluency with increased text size will have even better results with the See Right Dyslexia Glasses.

Because the glasses remove the source of the visual problems, reading normal size text becomes clear, focused, sharp, uniform and stable.

Pleasure reading becomes possible with the increase in reading speed ,accuracy and comprehension that happens naturally when the See Right Dyslexia Glasses eliminate your visual problems .

The majority of dyslexics have language and auditory processing problems that are not helped by increasing text size because their problems aren't visual. 

Those with co-existing visual and language processing problems will generally show improvements with fluency as font size increases and level off at the below average fluency caused by the remaining influence of non visual problems. Often these dyslexics are better able to evaluate their visual needs after reading larger size text.

People with visual dyslexia problems so severe that increasing the text size does not result in improved fluency are almost always aware of and can describe their visual problems . These visual dyslexics will see the most dramatic improvements with the glasses.

See Right Dyslexia Glasses are available in adult and child sizes and sold only from the  store .

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