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I have started a list of some of the dyslexia interventions on the web with some of the information given such as claims ,costs and guarantees.

This Forum is trying to collect data about different dyslexia products and services from dyslexics that have tried them. If dyslexics that have tried interventions and products report about their personal dyslexia symptoms and the results he or she experienced with a particular product or service then patterns should develop that should be useful to other dyslexics looking for help for their problems.

When a product or service suggests that it will help all or most dyslexics but fails for some, how is the dyslexic seeking help able to make a rational decision about if it will be likely to help him or her?

If this project is successful then a dyslexic will have a resource where they can investigate who was and was not helped by an intervention. Using that information should be helpful in determining what might be useful to them.

To enter data first click on the intervention, product or service then click on post message and post your information.


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