Visual Dyslexia  V's Dyslexia

How is visual dyslexia different from dyslexia ?

Dyslexia and visual dyslexia are both information processing problems but have different causes. Different causes require different interventions.

Visual dyslexia is not an auditory or phonemic processing problem.


The visually dyslexic child does not have the speech problems associated with dyslexia of mixing up words, rhyming or following directions. His or her problems only show up when introduced to text.

Moving words, missing, transposed or reversed letters and an assortment of other visual problems are what the visually dyslexic child has to battle.

I could read if only the words would stop moving or if the words would always look the same are common complaints.

Their problems with reading are caused by trouble seeing what is written. With the See Right Dyslexia Glasses all the words on the page will be stable, uniform and in focus.  See Right Dyslexia Glasses are the visual dyslexia solution


See Right Dyslexia Glasses eliminate reading errors caused by  visual problems . You will no longer have to slow down or stop to guess at words. This results in an immediate increase in reading speed, fluency and accuracy.

Spelling will also improve over time as having an accurate visual memory of words makes them easier to remember.

                                 V's     Dyslexia

The most common research based theory of dyslexia is that it is a brain structure problem that interferes with processing the auditory and phonemic information in a normal manner.

Problems with speech and comprehension of speech show up prior to exposure to reading.This is the child who mixes up words, has trouble with rhyming and sometimes following directions. The inaccurate processing of speech makes learning to read a battle which leads to poor fluency, accuracy and comprehension.

When asked, dyslexics report no problems seeing text.


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