Visual Dyslexia Symptoms

Much like this traffic sign, visual dyslexia symptoms are going to slow your reading speed . Visual dyslexia symptoms vary and are specific to the person. When visual dyslexia symptoms exists without other dyslexia problems, removing your visual problems allows normal reading .

Below are some of the more common symptoms.

Visual problems involving motion


  •  Seeing words as if behind a waterfall or in snowing conditions.

  • Seeing letters as if they jitter (such as bouncing or moving back or forth).

  • Seeing words as if they seem to move below or above the page where only a few are in focus at any one time.

  • Seeing lines of text merge together

  • Text seems to flow like a river

Visual problems involving missing information

  • Letters missing at the beginning or end of words.

  • Letters missing in the middle of words.

  • Parts of letters missing in a horizontal manner such as all letters missing their top, middle or bottom. 


Transpositions and reversals

  • Letters are present but not in their proper order.

  • Letters appear as their mirror image.

Visual stress causing a physical response

  •  Headaches

  •  Clenched teeth

  •  Tightness in different locations

  •  Sleepy feeling 

 See Right Dyslexia Glasses remove the cause of the visual problem/s  allowing you to see words in a sharp, stable, uniform and focused manner. 

Your increased reading speed, accuracy and comprehension makes reading a much more enjoyable experience.

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