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Hi John, the glasses arrived on the 15th of April. Thank you so much. My son put them on and started reading the card that came in the package. He broke off half way through to exclaim "I'm reading! I can read this!!'  We put a photo of him reading the back of a cereal box on Facebook. You can check it out on my page Wendy Marsters if you like. Thank you again for giving my son the gift of the written word. Now he can realize his dream of becoming a pilot.                                                                                                                                                               Kindest regards                                                                                                                                                                               Wendy Marsters

QLD Australia


My 10 year old daughter has dyslexia (poor phonemic awareness and working memory), she is being taught to read and spell with an orton-gillingham program.However, she also complained that 1. words were blurry 2.when the text size was large it was easier to read and 3.Bright lights in the classroom bothered her when reading.She has 20/20 vision and was treated successfully for convergence (eye teaming) and accommodation (focus) and her optometrist and ophthalmologist were stumped why the words would still be blurry.I came across the See Right website and was skeptical, but thought I would give it a try due to the money back guarantee.My daughter used the glasses at school during reading remediation and they worked!!Words were clear, NO BLUR.Reading is more enjoyable for her as she doesn’t have eye rubbing, strain and fatigue.I can’t thank you enough.The glasses removed a barrier that was preventing her from becoming a fluent reader.Michele from Illinois.


I am a tutor for the non-profit, Community College Foundation in Los Angeles, CA. Last year, one of my 8 year old students was chronically exhibiting many of the symptoms of a visual dyslexic. The school that she attends has no services to offer her on this issue because Los Angeles Unified School District does not have a classification for Dyslexia as a disability that they cover. They offered related services and put her in Special Education.

After researching many options for this student, I came across information about See Right Dyslexia Glasses. I convinced my student's mother to try them out (it was a comfort to know that the glasses were returnable for a full refund if they did not work).

When I met this student for the first time since she'd received the glasses, the first thing she did was correctly read the nearest sign out loud and thereafter read almost every street sign, door sign, Mc Donald's menu, any sign, out loud and with ease. I was astonished. Reading for her prior to using the See Right Dyslexia Glasses had been such torture, frustrating, and so very, very, exhausting.

We are eternally grateful to John for this creation. I will do everything in my power to spread the word about these glasses which have the capacity to help so many children and adults who have been left behind by misunderstanding of Dyslexia, or daunted by the minefield of expensive non-refundable alternatives. These glasses may not be the answer for everyone with this issue but I truly believe that there are a significant number of people out there who can benefit from them.

Should you wish to speak to me or have a question from my student and her mother about their experience, please feel free to send me an email:

Brigitte Smith


I just wanted to send you an email to thank you so much for sending the dyslexia glasses.I have been using them for over a week and I think I have a life changing event!

I knew when I was tested for dyslexia ( rarely for an adult but I volunteered for a study at Oxford University ) anyway they suspected I had a combination of visual and non-visual dyslexia. Even so the glasses have made a big difference. Gosh is this more like everyone else sees text? I never knew what it might feel like , even though it is clearly not a " cure " - it sure helps. I don't "loose" the edge of text so much and the paper doesn't seem to "glare" so brightly at me and the moving about is less. I have been amazed at home " at peace " I feel about reading now compared to before where I would avoid or dread having to read anything. I hope as time progresses this improves more as I undo the years of conditioning .

Thank you for developing these glasses and also making them *not * dorky to wear ! I have not had to wear glasses before. 


Ruth  from   Chilton, UK

As Winnie the Pooh says " My spelling is wobbly. It's good spelling but it wobbles and the letters get in the wrong places. "

Hav patients  with dyslexics our brains are werd differently



Thank you so much for the glasses- They really do work. What a difference already. He has read 7 books and have passed every reading test on these books. He took a reading counts test and came up from a 3.1 to a 3.8 because of the letters not moving. He used to pass maybe 2 tests a week NOT 7 He said he either wouldn't finish or was so worried about reading and the letters moving or jumping he really coundn't comprehend the story . Again thanks so much !! I have referred someone else to you hopefully she will email you. I was bidding a toturing item on Ebay and we got to talking.

Sheri from Pueblo ,CO




Just wanted to give you some feedback.  My son is 10 years old and has been diagnosed with a visual-spatial learning disability since he was 4.  Part of the reason he was diagnosed so early is that my background is early childhood and he has a genetic syndrome that often results in learning issues.  So I was rather proactive.

All along his IQ and his performance have not matched.  I have also been quite aware that reading was challenging for him as he skipped lines, had trouble with phonetics but a fabulous auditory memory, and generally avoided reading, while his sister read like a maniac. 

There has only been one series of books that my son would pick up on his own--The Diary of the Whimy Kid.  One day I just asked him why he wouldn't read anything but these books unless forced to.  His response was that he could see the words better in this series in which the font is larger because it is designed to look like a child's handwritten text.  Continued conversation on the matter revealed that my son could "see the spaces between the words" better with
this text.  So I did some research online and tested my theories, one being changing the font size on an ebook and the difference was dramatic. 

Long and short, when my son put on the dyslexia glasses he said that lots of things looked "bigger."  He could see all of an object at once.  When reading, he continually says with the glasses the text looks bigger or the space between the words is much more noticable.

So thank you. 
Erin   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

My son has greatly benefited from your dyslexia glasses. It was such a relief to see him become a totally different child when he began wearing them. However, now that he has entered his early teens, he doesn't want to wear them because they aren't "stylish". He refers to them as Grandpa glasses. Do you know how I could go about getting a more stylish frame for these lenses? Or is there a way a frame could be sent to you to have lenses made for them?

Answer : The lenses can be put into frames you provide for an extra fee


Thank you for your reply and considered answer.

My knowledge of dyslexia is limited (my eldest son was diagnosed with dyslexia
at the age of 10 - very late.  The glasses help him although he was diagnosed
with discalculie and an auditory form of dyslexia.  

My younger son took the same tests (Weschler) in August 09 and the
psychoeducational specialist concluded he did not have dyslexia - with the
caveat that he was too young to be diagnosed.

Then in September my youngest son's teacher said she thought he had dyslexia as he reversed his letters and numbers and often writes backwards (from right to
left with letters being a mirror image).  After seeing many specialists it has
been determined that he is ambidextrous and has a "visual attention deficit". 
To help him overcome this visual attention deficit I have been doing exercises
with him for months: one minute a day asking him to follow with his eyes an
object move in the form of a cross then an X and then to his nose.  

In parallel I ordered the dyslexia glasses for my older son - in the hopes that
they might help him.  It turned out that my younger son tried the glasses and
not only refuses to go to school without the glasses, but with the glasses on
there is a MARKED improvement in these eye exercises.

Could this mean that my younger son has dyslexia too?  Could it also mean that
the origin of my older son's dyslexia could have been visual and then developed
into other forms?

I am explaining this to you as I will be seeing the Orthoptiste who prescribed
the exercises.  I would like to demonstrate and explain how they help my younger
son . Are the glasses covered by health insurance in the US?  

Being convinced myself through the eyes (literally) of my own children leaves me enthusiastic.  (There is nothing more discouraging than a neuropediatrician telling you that your seven-year-old child will "grow out" of a visual attention
deficit by the age of 12-13: what do you do to help his development in the

In any case, the second pair of glasses arrived and my older son is thrilled. 
Will keep you posted on how they help him... He also does the visual exercises
better with the glasses on.

Best regards,

 Amy was able to be reinbursed by her Swiss Health program but other countries do not pay for visual dyslexia intervention.





WOW!!  I am completely thrilled to inform you that your glasses have completely removed Kevins visual symptoms!!!!  NO MORE light and dark letters on a page, no more missing letters, no more scrambled letters.  Unbelievable.......




We'd like to pursue getting him some different frames.  Is there a particular style I should avoid?  Can you fit them to any frame or mainly reading glasses only type frames etc.  Is that something that only you can do or can I take the adult size ones we have now and have Lens Crafters etc put the lens in different frames?  Should I buy an additional pair while waiting for the custom frames to be completed?

Sorry so many questions.  I cannot thank you enough for all the work youve done.  You're changing peoples lives.  Thank you John. 






Actually, I have been treated for Irlen Syndrome for four years now. My Irlen prescription includes 13 layers of tints. Although suppressed, my symptoms remained. I was searching for something else and came across this website two years ago. I now wear the See Right Glasses on top of contacts that contain the Irlen Tints. This is the best system I've found, and my performance at work has greatly improved. They're durable as well. I'm on here right now to buy my second pair. I dropped my first pair on the concrete last year. They didn't crack, but they have a couple of specs on the lenses, which is what you would expect from a polished stone.  





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