Remove all symptoms?



The See Right Dyslexia Glasses only remove the visual problems of visual dyslexia. They do not address any of the auditory problems of dyslexia.

For the dyslexic that can describe visual problems and has those problems removed by the See Right Dyslexia Glasses that is often enough to allow reading and the development of reading skills in a normal manner.

 Not all, maybe not most, of visual dyslexics are pure visual dyslexics without any other symptoms of dyslexia.

Most adult dyslexics understand what their dyslexia symptoms are. If they have the common visual problems such as moving text or missing letters and those problems are making reading difficult then they seek out visual interventions such as See Right Dyslexia Glasses.

Adult dyslexics who have had problems understanding speech generally understand that has an adverse effect on gaining reading skills also.

Some dyslexia symptoms are common but can be generated in different ways. Poor spelling is a good example. Visual dyslexics have a hard time generating an accurate memory of what words look like because of their visual problems. Auditory dyslexics because of their difficulty in hearing the differences in sound have a hard time remembering what parts of words sound like. Brain language  processing problems are understood well enough to know they are detrimental to spelling also.

There are additional benefits to having your visual dyslexic problems removed such as better spelling, reading speed, accuracy and comprehension.  Those are secondary benefits that result from the elimination of the visual problems and must not be considered solutions for dyslexics who developed those common problems from another cause than visual.

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