Mission Statement

We Want to Help Your Reading Difficulties


The goal of this Web site is to provide an affordable risk free option to correct the problems associated with visual dyslexia. Information will be provided to help the dyslexic determine if his or her problem is visual and likely to be helped or not with the use of See Right Dyslexia Glasses .

No misleading or exaggerated statements will be made. Every effort will be taken to clearly explain that the See Right Dyslexia Glasses only help the subgroup of dyslexics that are visually dyslexic and will not help all dyslexics.

The customer will never have to provide an explanation about why the See Right Dyslexia Glasses are being returned for a refund. As there are additional costs and record keeping changes needed after 60 days , the return policy is only in effect for 60 days. I believe this is reasonable as the evaluation of the glasses and reading improvements caused by the removal of visual problems take at most the longest time a buyer would ever consider reading in a day.

The Guarantee for See Right Dyslexia Glasses 

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