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Mechanism for See Right Dyslexia Glasses

A different more technical explaination of why See Right Dyslexia Glasses work

The analogy I use for why the glasses work for the visual dyslexic is this: Imagine trying to read through the flames of candles on a birthday cake. The more severely dyslexic you are the more candles on the cake. There can be many different patterns of candles on the cake that cause different problems. Some visual dyslexia problems involve motion, so let's shake the cake for those dyslexics. For those dyslexics with depth perception problems we have two cakes to look through, each with different patterns and numbers of candles. The See Right Dyslexia Glasses blow out all the candles.

The reason the candles exist is called autofluorescence and is caused by autofluorescent proteins that exist in different parts of the eye. That is why there are different numbers and patterns of candles on each individual's cake. Some of the autofluorescent proteins migrate up and down the cones of the eye and cause the problems that have a motion component to them. Relate this to shaking the cake.

Normal depth perception requires both eyes to see the same image.That is why two different cakes with different patterns and numbers of candles were used in the analogy. Blowing out the candles allows both eyes to now see the same image, restoring normal depth perception.

Because several proteins can be involved in the dyslexic's eye and autofluoresce at different wavelenghts, some people have tried colored filters that are individually evaluated and, to be fair, sometimes extinguish the light from one type of protein for that dyslexic. This blows out some of the candles, but leaves the rest. See Right Dyslexia Glasses blow out all the candles so that dyslexics do not need to be individually evaluated.

While that is as far as I can take the birthday cake analogy, that does not represent all the filtration the glasses do. They are also designed to reduce glare, primarily by removing yellow light from the spectrum. This is because the yellow cone receptors in the eye are considered inhibitors and associated with glare problems.

It is because of the combination of the filtration of the different wavelenghts that cause different visual problems for different visual dyslexics into one filter that makes the See Right Dyslexia Glasses effective for all visual dyslexics.


    Compare to Tinted Lenses                   


I am a tutor for the non-profit, Community College Foundation in Los Angeles, CA. Last year, one of my 8 year old students was chronically exhibiting many of the symptoms of a visual dyslexic. The school that she attends has no services to offer her on this issue because Los Angeles Unified School District does not have a classification for Dyslexia as a disability that they cover. They offered related services and put her in Special Education.

After researching many options for this student, I came across information about See Right Dyslexia Glasses. I convinced my student's mother to try them out (it was a comfort to know that the glasses were returnable for a full refund if they did not work).

When I met this student for the first time since she'd received the glasses, the first thing she did was correctly read the nearest sign out loud and thereafter read almost every street sign, door sign, Mc Donald's menu, any sign, out loud and with ease. I was astonished. Reading for her prior to using the See Right Dyslexia Glasses had been such torture, frustrating, and so very, very, exhausting.

We are eternally grateful to John for this creation. I will do everything in my power to spread the word about these glasses which have the capacity to help so many children and adults who have been left behind by misunderstanding of Dyslexia, or daunted by the minefield of expensive non-refundable alternatives. These glasses may not be the answer for everyone with this issue but I truly believe that there are a significant number of people out there who can benefit from them.

Should you wish to speak to me or have a question from my student and her mother about their experience, please feel free to send me an email:


Brigitte Smith


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