History of these glasses


Here is some information about how the See Right Dyslexia Glasses came about. I am by nature a scientifically cautious individual. Before I brought them to market I decided that it was important to accomplish the scientific goals of predictable and repeatable results. I evaluated the standards used to determine success by others and found them flawed. "Do you prefer this color when reading?" or "is this color better than that one?" seem to ignore the question that everyone wants to know and could be asked.Even" Do you experience any benefit from reading with these glasses?" would be better but not enough. For example a dyslexic whose problem is that letters and words move or jump around could respond in a positive manner if there was less movement but still not stable.

The claim , for the dyslexic that can describe a visual problem that makes reading difficult  the See Right Dyslexia Glasses will remove that problem, resulted from the question ," Do the See Right Dyslexia Glasses remove the visual problem or problems that makes reading difficult?".

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