Financial Examples

Of Different Dyslexia  Interventions


Below are some examples of the types of nonrefundable costs that can be run up when you are trying to find a reasonable intervention for your dyslexia or your child's dyslexia. This is my competition. I have no personal knowledge of how well they do. I do notice that they do quite a bit of visual analysis. They do give a good indication of what you are paying for when it comes to testing, but what the therapy actually is seems vague to me.


If you are scheduling an evaluation please download the Dallas Sensory Protocols and complete them, then return them to our office by mail or email. Office hours are Tuesday-Friday 1-6, Saturdays 10-4, Tuesday evenings 6-9, and alternate Sunday afternoons 2-6.


COSTS: All evaluations are $125 per hour.

DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS (for children with autistic spectrum disorders, brain injuries, genetic disorders, encephalopathies, or developmental delays)

The developmental evaluation involves an initial consultation with parents (typically three to four hours) and a second, 45 minute play session to evaluate the child's stage of development in play and language. During the consultation the findings on the Dallas Sensory Protocols are reviewed, medical and developmental history is examined, parents are given a short introduction to the basic principles of brain repair, stages of development in language and play are explained, and issues specific to the child are discussed.

Children should NOT attend the consultation. Both parents and caregivers are encouraged to come to the play session as well as the consultation.

For children who are on the autistic spectrum, the Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) will be completed (in consultation with parents) in order to provide a baseline score to compare future progress. 


This evaluation is typically three hours. The assessment includes:

1. SCAN-C or SCAN-A: (test of auditory processing) to examine the child's ability to perceive words in different conditions, to assess speed of processing and auditory attention skills.

2. PTS: (computerized test of visual processing skills) tests visual closure, visual pursuit, visual memory, and speed of processing

3. A screening procedure to evaluate various inputs to the vestibular system through the sharpened Romberg stance in light and dark, examination of post-rotary nystagmus (eye movements after spinning), and visual pursuit (smooth tracking of a moving target).

4.Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (a computerized test of executive brain functions)

COSTS: All evaluations are $125 per hour.


This evaluation is intended for children who need a more comprehensive evaluation through formal, standardized measures. The evaluation may consist of one or more of the following:

  • Cognitive battery (extended) of the Woodcock-Johnson III (four to five hours)

  • Academic battery (extended) of the Woodcock-Johnson III (four to five hours)

  • Matrix Analogies, a non-verbal test of intelligence, reasoning, and the ability to see patterns and relationships (1 hour)

  • Wide Range Achievement Test (1 hour)

  • Preschool Language Scale (1 hour)

  • Test of Visual Processing (2 hours)

  • SCAN-C or SCAN-A (1 hour)

COSTS: All evaluations are $125 per hour.



In-office sessions: 30 minutes once or twice a week ($62.50 per session)

Field sessions: 2 hours, $150 per session (may be scheduled as often as desired)


45 minutes per week ($250 per month, if paid by the 1st in advance) or 90 minutes per week ($500 per month, if paid by the 1st in advance)


Although we can NOT file insurance for you, we do provide insurance statements at the end of the month with CPT and diagnostic codes for you to file. Please note that not all policies cover cognitive therapy or developmental delays. Please check with your provider.

The CPT code for evaluations are 96111, and the CPT code for cognitive therapy is 97532 (these are medical codes, not behavioral or psych codes).  Please contact your insurance provider to determine if your plan covers these services. 

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.  

If you would like to schedule an evaluation, DOWNLOAD THE DALLAS SENSORY PROTOCOLS and email or call the office at 972-964-8510.

If you live outside the Dallas-Ft. Worth area or outside the U.S., evaluations and training programs can be scheduled in your office or home. Contact the office at or call 972-964-8510

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