Compare To Tinted Lenses



 Tinted Lenses define success as finding the color that the dyslexic prefers best. This they do 100% of the time. Their success at removing visual problems that make reading difficult is much lower. 



See Right Dyslexia Glasses   always restore normal depth perception for dyslexics with poor depth perception.

Tinted Lenses have had occasional reports of improved depth perception. 



See Right Dyslexia Glasses require no personal evaluation.

Tinted Lenses require an expensive personal evaluation.


See Right Dyslexia Glasses have a 100% money back guarantee.

Tinted lenses have no guarantee.


See Right Dyslexia Glasses can explain why they work.

Tinted lenses have no accepted explanation.


There Are Reasons for These Differences

See Right Dyslexia Glasses filter out  the visible, UV and IR auto-fluorescent wavelengths that are associated with visual problems. The idea is to filter out all wavelengths of light that can cause problems for any individual so that all individuals will have their visual problems removed.

The problem with finding one individualized color for a particular visual dyslexic in the prior art of using tinted lenses is that it is not usual that there is just one color that seems to help. It is true that there might be one color that seems to help most but along the way there are colors that seem to help that are later discarded.

Consider the dyslexic that first prefers color A then color B then color C. Color C is selected as the preferred color and never compared against a combination of C+A or C+B or C+A+B.

Next consider three visual dyslexics where one chooses A, one B, and one C. The See Right Dyslexia Glasses filter out colors A, B and C which means that the dyslexic who preferred A is helped as well as the dyslexic who preferred B as well as the one who preferred C. If the one color assumption were true and that was all the See Right Dyslexia Glasses did, they would have the same low success rate as tinted lenses.

In addition, any combination of A+B+C is also filtered out, which would never be determined where the assumption of a one color answer is assumed.

This is the basic information you need to consider when comparing the See Right Dyslexia Glasses to tinted lenses using the one color theory for one dyslexic.

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--------------Actually, I have been treated for Irlen Syndrome for four years now. My Irlen prescription includes 13 layers of tints. Although suppressed, my symptoms remained. I was searching for something else and came across this website two years ago. I now wear the See Right Glasses on top of contacts that contain the Irlen Tints. This is the best system I've found, and my performance at work has greatly improved. They're durable as well. I'm on here right now to buy my second pair. I dropped my first pair on the concrete last year. They didn't crack, but they have a couple of specs on the lenses, which is what you would expect from a polished stone.


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