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Dyslexia Industry's Flaw and a Future Solution

Dyslexia products are often over sold and have poor guarantees.The dyslexiaglasses.com web site is using the See Right Dyslexia Glasses as a model to collect data to enable dyslexics to make informed decisions about interventions.
The dyslexia industry generates billions of dollars every year from selling products and services to help dyslexics become better readers. It is also perceived by many dyslexics that have bought those products and services to be a big disappointment because after paying their money they received no benefit. Guarantees are often vague or meaningless with the more money paid the less value of the guarantee. Sometimes to add insult to injury the dyslexic is blamed for his or her failure with the product or service. This is the flip side to the idea that the customer is always right. For the dyslexia industry the product is often considered to be always right. This is the flaw for the dyslexia industry.

There is no question that when a dyslexic is helped by an intervention or tool that the dyslexic gets good value for their money. As the mastercard advertisement says, that is priceless. It is when no benefit is received by the dyslexic and the small print in the guarantee is finally read that the flaw is exposed. Results guaranteed mean nothing if you consider that even negative results are results. If improvements are guaranteed there is always the question of how much improvement is guaranteed. Evaluations that measure your ability before the intervention and then after often include instruction towards doing better on that particular evaluation. They seldom mention that dyslexics that take the evaluation twice with the same time interval in between without taking the intervention also increase their scores. You could very well find that success is claimed for the intervention when your improvement is no better that others had without taking the intervention.

Because I sell visual dyslexia glasses that do not require a personal evaluation which are often confused with the type of dyslexia glasses where an evaluation is used to determine a particular color for a particular dyslexic, I will discuss the guarantee usually offered with tinted lenses here. There is none. First of all, what you are paying for when you purchase the personal evaluation is the personal evaluation. If the dyslexic thought they were buying tinted lenses that were guaranteed to help their dyslexia problems he or she would be wrong.

When I was bringing my See Right Dyslexia Glasses ( patent pending) to market I was discouraged because they only helped about 25% of dyslexics with their problems. I wasn't really interested in having a product where I couldn't give a money back guarantee and I was looking at having 75% of the sales being returned. Having taken a few personal growth courses in my life where you are taught that there are no problems in life if you look at the situation as an opportunity I went back to my interview notes. After sorting the interviews into two piles : These dyslexics were helped by the See Right Dyslexia Glasses and these dyslexics were not helped with the See Right Dyslexia Glasses, I realized every dyslexic that described having a visual problem that made reading difficult had that problem removed by the See Right Dyslexia Glasses and that the dyslexics that said they saw the page in a clear,uniform and stable manner saw no difference with the glasses.

I refined my claim to say : For the dyslexic that can describe a visual problem that makes it difficult to read the See Right Dyslexia Glasses will remove that problem 100% of the time. I offered my dyslexia glasses for sale with a money back guarantee to help visual dyslexics and found I had about a 5% return rate for my adult glasses and a 10% return rate for child size glasses. After selling the See Right Dyslexia Glasses on someone else's web site for a couple of years I decided to start my own web site http://dyslexiaglasses.com/visualdyslexiasolution.html .

After having my web site for a few months it occurred to me that with the help of dyslexics who had tried interventions I could probably over a long period of time address what I saw as the basic flaw of the dyslexia industry i.e. how to help dyslexics determine what intervention is most likely to help a particular dyslexic and also to identify the financial risks associated with the different products and services.

The concept is simple. Collect data from dyslexics that have tried different products,services,tools or interventions. Include their dyslexia symptoms and their results of using dyslexia products or services. Information about what benefit the guarantees provided for those who were not helped by the products would be included to help evaluate what financial risk is associated with any particular product or service. Presently I am just starting to collect the raw data necessary for this project at
http://dyslexiaglasses.com/visualdyslexiaforum.html .

After grouping positive and negative results for any particular dyslexia product,service,tool or intervention, patterns should develop indicating which dyslexia problems are helped or not helped by any particular intervention. I believe this project will in the future enable dyslexics to make a better informed choice of which intervention to try as well as discover what the real financial risk is for the product. All dyslexics that have tried dyslexia products,services,tools or interventions are invited to add their input. If the product you would like to report on is not listed just add the information to the forum as a new topic.

Hopefully the dyslexia industry will learn that it is good business to be honest in who will or will not benefit from particular dyslexia products and begin to offer real guarantees.

By John Hayes
Published: 6/14/2006


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