Dyslexia Glasses Comparison


The See Right Dyslexia Glasses do not require a personal evalution to determine a particular color to be effective for visual dyslexics as do Irlen or tinted dyslexia glasses.

The See Right Dyslexia Glasses filter out all the light that causes problems for the group of visual dyslexics rather than individual dyslexics. If you are a member of the visual dyslexic group then they filter out the light that is causing your visual problems.

The See Right Dyslexia Glasses also filter out a wider range than just visible (colored) light because much of the visible noise is caused by autofluorescent phase shifting ,by proteins in the eye, of light from the U.V. and I.R. part of the spectrum into the visible as well as from a particular visible wavelength to another different visible wavelength.

Tinted lenses use a method that is basically " is this color better than that color for reading " and concludes that the last color selected is the only filtration needed. Even when different colors are determined for each eye those 2 colors are not tried together because of the 1 color assumption. The evaluation costs about $400 and is not guaranteed to produce positive results that have any reading benefit.

See Right Dyslexia Glasses remove any described visual problem that makes reading difficult for the visual dyslexic. They are also unconditionally guaranteed and can be returned for a full refund within 60 days.

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