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May 03, 2009
8:43 AM

I do not know if your glasses are available in England. I screen children for Irlen syndrome. Some are dyslexic some are not. We identify the correct mix of colours to help and lenses are made up of that cocktail of colours, individual to each person. Thsi is an important error in your statement.
However, you are right about depth perception, why can your remedy not be used with Irlen to create the perfect lens for a dyslexic person?
Or have you tried and been turned away, or have decided that you want to keep your baby to yourself?
Having helped dyslexic people since 1963 it seems time that you all got together to share information and finally give the people with the problem a definitive solution.

May 19, 2009
11:51 PM

"why can your remedy not be used with Irlen to create the perfect lens for a dyslexic person?"

I already have the perfect visual dyslexia lenses why would I need Irlen now?

I talked with Irlen back in 1992 and she declined any involvement because basically she makes her money on the evaluations. I eliminated the need for the evaluation by taking a different approach.

I suggested years ago that she redo the evaluations after a preferred color was selected and continue the process until no more improvement could be seen.

As far as I know she still is using a low standard for success and offers no guarantee. I disapprove that someone can spend big bucks and still have the visual problems that make reading difficult.

I shouldn't complain about Helen as many of my customers are ones that tried Irlen lenses without any benefit.

What can possibly justify selling her service for that amount of money without a guarantee. If her results are as positive as she would like everyone to believe then her cost of providing a guarantee approaches zero.

The cost to me of providing a guarantee for non-prescription glasses is about $.50 per pair because anyone can buy and try them.

The cost to me of providing a guarantee for prescription glasses has been zero. That is because I make sure someone can describe their visual problems before I go to the expense of making their prescription glasses. People who can describe their visual problems are happy because my glasses make those problems go away.

There isn't anything magical about restoring depth perception. It occurs because there are different visual problems in either eye so when you remove all the visual problems neither eye has any visual problems left and depth perception is restored.

I sell my glasses all over the world U.K. included. If you read my contact page you will find a location where you can try a pair for free in London.

Are you suggesting there is something wrong with keeping my baby to myself? I really don't understand your point. I can ship anywhere in the world from here. There is no need for a personal evaluation with my glasses and the only financial risk is that anyone who returns my glasses has to pay to ship them back.I refund any shipping they paid and the full cost of the glasses.

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