as a factor in visual dyslexia



Some naturally occurring proteins in the eye fluoresce and this is called autofluorescence.

Autofluorescence is the phase shifting of a photon from one wavelength of light to another wavelength of light  and can involve UV light to visible light , visible light to visible light and also IR to visible light with 2 photon activation. Autofluorescence has been measured in every part of the eye.

The reason this becomes important to visual dyslexics is that when a photon of visible light is absorbed and then emitted it is no longer on its original path so that piece of visual information is basically lost. To make it worse , when it is detected at a different location not related to the original image it becomes visual noise.

As an analogy , consider that every pixel on a computer screen represents one photon of correct visual information but has the possibility of being corrupted by the autofluorescent proteins.

 Every time a photon is absorbed by an autofluorescent protein, the location where it should have landed  does not receive that information.   Remove a pixel from the computer screen leaving a blank spot at that location.

   When the protein emits the photon on its new path , the photon lands on top of another location that is trying to process information from an uncorrupted photon . Since now 2 photons are at one location that  pixel is very bright  and looks like snow.    

The removal and overwriting of visual information caused by autofluorescent proteins is the cause of the visual problems that make reading difficult for visual dyslexics.

 The See Right Dyslexia Glasses remove the visual problems by filtering out all the specific wavelengths that are involved in causing the problems.

My personal speculation is that visual dyslexics are more sensitive to light and the effects from autofluorescence in much the same way many dyslexics are more sensitive to auditory noise. Both types of noise cause processing difficulties . Filtering out the problem causing wavelengths of light for visual dyslexics to eliminate visual problems or eliminating background noise for dyslexics both result in a benefit. 



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